Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    The Big Picture: What Leaders Need to Know about Improvement

    • Why Embrace Structured Improvement?

    • The Major Improvement Programs

    • Fundamental Principles of Improvement

    • Structured Problem Solving

  • 3

    Program Strategies

    • The Big Project Strategy

    • The Continuous Improvement Strategy

    • Achieving a Blended Approach

  • 4

    Leadership Behaviors

    • Trusting and Empowering Employees

    • Changing the Questions

    • Leadership Walks

  • 5

    Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture

    • Everyone Everyday

    • Making the Goals and Key Actions Visible

    • Daily Standup Meetings

  • 6

    Managing Large Improvement Projects

    • Managing a Queue of Opportunities

    • Roles and Responsibilities

    • Execution of Improvement Projects

    • Verification of Financial Benefit

  • 7

    Sustaining the Culture of Change

    • There is no going back!


Senior Consultant

Stephen P Turnipseed

The Deployment Champion for Chevron's Lean Six Sigma program, Steve initiated and expanded the methodology across the corporation's Global Upstream business units. A certified Master Black Belt and an experienced instructor that consistently receives 5 ratings, he has taught hundreds of people from basic overviews to certified facilitators. The Managing Director called Steve, "One of the best mentors in the corporation".


  • Is there a prerequisite for Process Improvement for Leaders?

    There is no prerequisite to take this course. Unless you have a strong background in process improvement, it is useful to learn the fundamental principles and tools in the Process Improvement Overview Course. Upon completion of the Overview Course, we give you a discount promo code that you can apply toward this course; a two-for-one offer.

  • How long is the Process Improvement for Leaders Course?

    There is approximately 1 hour of video content split into lessons averaging 3 minutes each. You have assignments that will take about 1 hour. We include a 1-hour small-group live online session with a course leader to review, discuss and answer questions.

  • Why should I take this course from Making Value Flow?

    We have been in your shoes and know what it is like to start, grow and sustain a process improvement program. This course provides practical core concepts that are understandable, with no industry jargon, so that you can put them into immediate use. Our videos are content-rich, fast-moving, and engaging. They include high-quality photography, videography, and B-roll footage. We go the extra mile to make the material engaging and useful.

What you will gain

When you complete this course you will:

  • Understand the Critical Success Factors of a successful improvement program.

  • Know the key leadership behaviors to nurture a continuous improvement culture

  • Understand how much financial benefit that a mature improvement program can produce

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