• Why should I chose to take process improvement courses from Making Value Flow?

    Our continuous and process improvement courses are built and delivered by seasoned professionals with years of experience in program deployment, teaching, mentoring, and facilitating improvement team projects. The material thoroughly covers all of the key topics in the depth you expect for the industry-recognized Lean Six Sigma certification.

  • What is the quality of your videos and course material?

    Our videos are content-rich, fast-moving, and engaging. They include high-quality photography, videography, and B-roll footage. We avoid the use of industry jargon and deliver practical core concepts that are understandable so that you can put them into immediate use. We go the extra mile to make the material engaging, such as including exercises and adding images inside quizzes.

  • Do I need to complete all of the lessons and assigments before attending the virtual instructor-led session?

    Yes, we set a high standard for our students and challenge you to grow in depth and breadth of knowledge. For our certification courses, you must complete all topics, take all quizzes, and submit all assignments to receive an invitation to the live instructor-led session.

  • Can a group request a date for the live online instructor-led session?

    Of course, if you have a group that wants a particular date or a closed session, please send a note to info@makingvalueflow.com with several desired date/time options.

  • What is the difference between the Overview course and Introduction to Process Improvement?

    Introduction to Process Improvement leads to Certification as a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and includes all of the Overview Course material plus much more. The Into course takes between 6 to 8 hours to complete the online material, exercises, and the live session. The Overview, White Belt course is intended as an awareness module and takes about 2 hours. It does not include a live session or as many lessons or exercises. After completion of the Overview course, you will receive a White Belt Training Certificate.


Senior Consultant

Stephen Turnipseed

The Deployment Champion for Chevron's Lean Six Sigma program, Steve initiated and expanded the methodology across the corporation's Global Upstream business units. A certified Master Black Belt and an experienced instructor that consistently receives 5 ratings, he has taught hundreds of people from basic overviews to certified facilitators. The Managing Director called Steve, "One of the best mentors in the corporation".

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  • Knowledge to participate on or lead an improvement team project

  • Ability to make improvements in your work area or to processes you are responsible for

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